Alex Maksiov is one of the pioneer street artists in creating 3d street painting  in Ukraine.

Alex has been drawing consciously since 1990. From 1995 till 2000 was studying in Odessa Art College (Ukraine) on the painting specialty. Then, in 2001 continued education in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev,Ukraine and got master’s degree on the specialty of Restoration of canvas oil paintings in 2007.

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In the Academy  Alex got  knowledge about  subject of  perspective and draftsmanship.  And  2010 started to make 3d painting. He is now a prominent 3d street painter  and is working on projects internationally. Was involved in making two Guinness Records (The longest anamorphic painting, Bangkok 2013) and The Biggest 3d Street Painting in the World, Venice USA, 2014  .

Alex also works like muralist, the biggest mural (16th floors) was done in Kiev 2015

Won numoerous awards on Street Art Festivals.

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Alex Maksiov 3D Street Artist - UKRAINE


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