Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals all around the world. He was born in Lismore New South Wales and grew up in Brisbane. Fintan obtained his BFA at Griffith University, QCA in 2009, but he earned his global recognition as graffiti artist even before this. He has been in several publications like ‘The Urban Contemporary Art Guide’, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘U magazine’, had done a few art residences, numerous group and solo exhibitions.

He has been described as ‘Australia’s Banksy’ by a number of media outlets although Magee has stated in various interviews that he doesn’t like this and that such comparisons are the result of ‘lazy journalism’.

His work often deals with environmental issues and often uses personal stories to talk about broader issues like climate change and the migrant crisis.

He received national acclaim for his mural depicting Felix Baumgartner in Brisbane, and has participated in various public art festivals in Australia and abroad.