Vukovart visited City Library in cooperation with Youth Peace Group Danube and young artists from Elementary school “Nikola Andric”. We were making interesting video material with students that will be released soon.

Students were painting in two groups on theme Vukovar 2050. They presented great artistic skills, but good knowledge about art and street art, also. We hope that everyone had a great time.



Older ones were making photographs and video clips which will be released on their pages.

We thank everyone included in this activity, especially 4. a and 4. b with their teachers.

Students: Zvonimir Paun, Lana Padežanin, Andrej Živković, Elena Varga, Andreja Bertić, Hana Goreta, Saša Mudri, Tamara Kovačević, Tihomir Paun, Mihael Milić, Tamara Pandurović.



All others young artists will show their artistic skills on Children Street Art Festival Kredica (Small Chalk) that will be held on 29.5.2018. in Vukovar!