We are a multidisciplinary team whose roots are in graffiti, born in late 2001 in Madrid. We develop our work mainly in the public space. We understand our work as an urban transformative tool that ties new bonds between people. We feel a big responsibility towards the time and city we live in.

Boa Misturea are:

  • Pablo Ferreiro Mederos – Fine Arts graduated, with specialty in graphic design at Aalto School of Design in Helsinki
  • Pablo Purón Carrillo – Public Relationship and Advertisement graduated at URJC, and Illustrator
  • Javier Serrano Guerra – Architect from ETSAG, with specialty in landscape design at IUAV in Venice
  • Juan Jaume Fernández – Fine Arts graduated, with specialty in visual Arts at Universität Der Künste, Berlin

Boa Mistura created all over the World through various projects and comission work.

The Pandemics have stopped us dry. For the first time in many years, we have no extrinsic ncentives, making us search for inspiration inside us. But as artists, we’ve realized that we are fortunate to have our own work as a live jacket. We’ve found the freedom within ourselves, finding new lines of research amidst our own nature. We have no certainty where this will take us, not even if it is interesting enough. But at least, it has been our refugee during these odd times.