Vukovar – art harbour

Ivan Penava, Mayor of City of Vukovar – International organization host
Peter Westerink , Planet Streetpainting –organizer
Filip Mrvelj, Craft making art „Mrvelj“, organizer
Krešimir Herceg, NGO Lima – head of marketing campaign
Sanja Tokić, Department for General Affairs and the mayor’s office, organizer
Ana Živanović, Board of Social Services of the City of Vukovar, organizer
Siniša Mitrović, Board of Social Services of the City of Vukovar, organizer
Miroslav Šlafhauzer, Department for General Affairs and the mayor’s office, organizer and photo author

We would like to thank for cooperation to Conservation Department in Vukovar, Police station Vukovar and Croatia Osiguranje d.d.

Vukovar has got a new tourist attraction in the form of 3D projection on the bridge in the city center. 3D artist from Slavonski Brod, Filip Mrvelj, painted the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Vuka river. The projection extends to 100 square meters showing the destroyed wooden bridge. It’s a picture that gets the 3D effect when viewed from a single point with the use of camera or lens. The project is funded by the city of Vukovar. Filip, Croatian 3D street art artist, published a video on his Facebook profile that shows the process of creating this new tourist attractions. Citizens of Vukovar are enthusiastic about the new attraction so they flooded social networks with their photographs with “fallen” bridge.

Vukovar 3D Zoo is made out of five 3D anamorphic street art images with total size of 100m2 which were painted for City of Vukovar by the famous artist Filip Mrvelj. Filip painted the first anamorphic picture on the bridge over the Vuka river in Vukovar few months before. Mayor Ivan Penava said the new photos posted on the streets of Vukovar were success and they sparked public interest.

In May of 2017 Vukovar welcomes one of the world’s best 3D anamorphic street artists.

Vukovar was given new guise and positioned itself to world map of urban modern cities

The mission of the Val Kulture is to promote culture and art, and the values ​​of democracy and multiculturalism at the local, regional and national level in all segments of society.

Through the organization of cultural-artistic events and activities, lectures, seminars and forums that we present to the different cultures of the world and thus promote the values ​​of multiculturalism, interculturality, coexistence and human rights. These activities are accompanied by the publishing of books, magazines, video and audio records from the area of ​​activity of the Association, and cooperation with related organizations in Croatia and abroad. One of them is a cluster of cultural roads that regionally network over 40 cultural institutions, tourism organizations, civil society organizations, faculties and businessmen from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. President of the Association Ivor Zidarić is a member of the Management Board of this international network for the development of cultural routes in the region.

In 15 years of active and devoted activity, the association has created and launched a number of projects promoting arts, culture and education. These projects are today a recognizable Croatian cultural product.

The oldest of them is Legendfest – a festival of stories, myths and legends, along with the supporting projects of LegendArt and LegendExpo, which together combine the immaterial and material heritage of Croatia with the aim of its popularization and preservation.

About City of Vukovar

City History


Vukovar is located in the Eastern part of the Republic of Croatia and is the centre of the Vukovar-Syrmia County. Its location places it at the border of historical provinces Eastern Slavonia and Western Syrmia. The city is positioned on important transport routes. Since time immemorial transport routes from the northwest to the southeast were active in the Danube Valley through the Vukovar area.

After steam ships were introduced in the mid 19th century, and with the arrival of present day tourist ships, Vukovar is connected with Budapest and Vienna upstream and all the way to Romania downstream. The Vukovar harbour is an important import and export station. The Danube has always been and remains the connection of the people of Vukovar with Europe and the world.

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Experience Vukovar

Vukovar… Seemingly just an ordinary seven letter word, seemingly just an ordinary name of a city with a characteristic Hungarian suffix “var” signifying a small town – varoš. But, a lot more than an ordinary experience is hidden behind that name. A wondrous city is hidden there.

It is situated in the eastern part of the Republic of Croatia, at the place where the Vuka enters into the Danube, held lovingly by both Slavonia and Syrmia. Vukovar is a gift from its rivers, a city of amazing harmony and strong, ancient, and welcoming Danube, and the local flavour of Vuka – capricious, shaped by the plain, the nature’s whims, and the Slavonian land. The city is growing in the arms of its rivers, receiving a new shine and filling the chest with heritage, culture, and tradition.

The Castle Eltz certainly goes along that chest. The Castle, today the Vukovar City Museum, with a wide park reflecting in the Danube and adding its green flavour to it, is a unique vista, a painter’s aquarelle, and an identifying feature of Vukovar. In that place, across from the luxurious castle, firmly stands the Syrmia Palace – it seems wide, peaceful, and permanent.

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