Fabio is an artist who lives in Rovigo, in Northern Italy, not far from Venice. He studied in Venice, where he graduated in “History and Conservation  of Architectural and Environmental Heritage”, and later he took a degree also in “Architecture”.

He has shown a special passion and skill at drawing since he was a child. He has developed his skill in several techniques. He started working as a Madonnaro/street-artist in 1993, and in 2006 he started working in 3D.

He has reached the highest artistic titles granted by the streetartists competitions in Italy, such as “Maestro Madonnaro” in Grazie di Curtatone and “Magister Madonnaris” in Nocera Superiore, and has participated in national television broadcasts. Since 2003 he has been a prominent member of the CCAM, the most important association of streetartists in Italy.

As a  streetpainter he works mainly in Northern Italy, but also in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, USA.

Besides being a street- artist he works  as an illustrator of permanent and temporary archaeological museums as well.

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