Jana Brike is a Latvian artist! She was born in 1980 in Latvian capital, Riga. There she attended primary and high school, and then graduated on Art Academy of Latvia in 2005.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in professional venues since 1996 while she was still a young teenager, and since then she has had numerous solo exhibitions and over a 100 other projects and group exhibitions all over the globe.

Her main interest is visual art with a strong narrative and depiction of a figure, mostly using the traditional medium of oil painting on canvas. She has also explored other mediums like drawing, animation, mixed media sculpture, installation and digital art.

Brike’s work tells pieces of her own story but with themes that resonate universally: love, self-discovery, growth, exploration and longing. The imagery she employs reflects influences of folklore, mythology and Brike’s love of nature as well as her contemplations regarding the “feminine soul space“.