Eduardo was born in Rosario, Argentina. His works, created for the public to interact with them, have traveled the world: From New York to Rome, through Mexico and Tokyo.

After venturing into different University careers that he left naturally, all matured in the 3rd year, he decided to explore the clandestinity of the night to stain walls. At that time he did not know the culture of graffiti, but drawing was instinctive. It was about being incisive, mocking and brazen.

In 1990. he moved to Rome, where he was uneasy and attracted by what he loved. He found his childhood idols: the sheets of those books of art from the library of his house, but they were alive! The works of Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Veronesse .. they wounded him forever ..


He approached the street painters of Rome, the Madonnari, forming that group of painter friends whose way of life at least resembled what was once called the life of an artist. It has always felt a certain discontent for the official cultural channels, for its aesthetic, usually lost and empty, and its interest by the urban art grew during its Italian trip.

That period of adventure and studies came to an end and in 1996 he decided to move to Spain. After resuming for a while more traditional formats, the opportunity to benefit from certain knowledge acquired during his academic training soon arose.

Thus began his relationship with anamorphosis, a technique used to conceal or direct very specifically attention to something. The observer is forced by an optical illusion to understand his form in order to decipher a message. These experiments then became a way of illustrating a condition of existence or a social situation, trying to give their work a narrative sense and not just a visual effect.

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