Marion was born in a little city near Düsseldorf, called Rheinhausen (Germany).

Her education was very multifarious, first she finished successfully the High School, afterwards she studied at a trading school, later made degrees as a gardener and Yoga-Teacher, and worked in several jobs.

Always she was accompanied by art, her father was her first teacher, and afterwards a famous artists in their area, called Anton Scharf. So after a long Odyssee she was finally so lucky to get the chance to make her passion to my profession.

With streetpainting she made first contact at their streetpainting festival in a town called Geldern. First she took part for fun, but then very fast she won several prices and meanwhile she was part of the masterclass. Her motivation was rising, because she won several other competitions, for example Bodenwerder and Neustadt, Italy. She started with classical 2d paintings, but nowadays most of the time she have to realize 3d paintings, because they are mostly requested.

She works alone or together with her partner Gregor Wosik, who has a faible for XXL 3d paintings, so they both were part of several world records, starting 2009 in Rijssen, with 750 m² and  in Venice with 2000 m². In 2017 they made 1 600 m² as a part of the festival in Wilhemshaven, without planning before.