It’s been almost two years since You participated in second Vukovart edition and everyone notice Your work because of Your recognized style. You were also again in Croatia, in Zagreb, after Vukovar.

How do You like Croatia so far?

We love Croatia!!! We want to come again, please find us a big wall to paint !


What were Your biggest projects since then?

Our last big big, big project was in Paris in June 2019. It a painted roof, the drawing make 25 000 square meters.

Do You only work on the streets or also in studio?

We also work in studio. We paint canvases and other surfaces and we like working on new experiments like videos, installations, anamorphosis, paste ups… We are looking for new point of view, that’s why we love streets. But studio work offers a way to stay focus on our idea, without any one who could disturb us. We can also try some new stuffs in secret that no one can see!

Did You work on another book, after You released Baiser d’Encre?

Yes, we did a book called “Comme des fourmis” which means “Like ants”, in October 2017. In this book you can see 10 years of works. It was very hard to do a selection of what to choose for the book, as we couldn’t put everything…

Does position of “street art” rise in Europe? 

We suppose street art is rising everywhere in Europe but we don’t know well about it…


Did Corona situation affected Your work and how do You deal with it?

The Corona crisis didn’t changed so much our life. When it happened, we were working at home on our next show at Gallery Le Feuvre & Roze. We were already confined at home, painting all day long without meeting friends. So it’s almost the same now!

Do You have some message for Street art lovers?

“Close your eyes, you’ll see clearly!”

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