Artist who was part of Vukovart 2019 lately creates murals of famous persons and fictional characters and it could seen in media. We bring You – Zabou!

You first visited Vukovar last year. What were Your expectations and how did You feel during Vukovart 2019?

I can’t remember having any special expectations before coming to Vukovar, but I was very excited by the project from day one! I had an amazing time during the festival, everyone I met was great (artists, locals & the team) and made me feel at home. I loved the city and especially the location near the Danube river where I was painting, it was so peaceful.

Where did You create artworks last year? Maybe the biggest projects?

Last year I painted in many different places: UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the furthest away: Haiti!

How much time is needed for only preparation for art that You deliver? Because, as we saw, You really like to explore the place and surrounding where You paint.

For each project, I usually spend a few days preparing my artwork – between organising, researching background information, designing, sourcing photos etc. I always come on site with everything ready to go – just paint!

How do You deal with all of this Corona situation? Does it affect the work that You are doing?

Yes, the Coronavirus outbreak has been really tough for most artists and anyone working in the arts and event industry. My job relies heavily on travelling so most events and projects are cancelled, the situation is so uncertain and evolving fast that it’s hard to plan ahead. I’ve been isolating for two months painting canvases and sketches at home in the meantime, now I will slowly get back on the walls.

When can we see You in Vukovar? ­čÖé

I was hoping in 2020 but I think we’ll have to postpone to 2021! ­čśë

Thnaks Zabou! Here work can be seen on her website –!