Un, dos, tres – Juandres! Artist who participated in 1st edition of Vukovart in 2017. – Juandres Vera!

You are remembered in Croatia after Bloomorphosis in Vukovar and whole performance You made. How did You feel during Vukovart in 2017?

I felt very happy of having the support of Vukovart to make for the first time ever that kind of technique, and it was also my first time in that city. The hosts and organizers were very kind and fun, so all the experience was great.

Do You make only 3D Street Art? And when did it start with anamorphosis?

Well I do 3d street art mostly but not only, sometimes I do also studio work on canvas. With the anamorphosis I started 12 years ago.

Where did You create art works last couple of year? What were Your biggest projects?

he last couple of years most of them were made in Mexico, for example a mural painting for the Formula One, and I also made 2 pieces at Lester for the Bring the Paint Festival.

How much time is needed for only preparation for painting? Because, as we saw, You really like to explore the place and surrounding where You paint.

Usually there are two stages of preparation, one is before arrival, and incluides all the time since I got the queries of the organizer of the event besides the measurements of the work area and if there´s a theme for the painting, this stage could take weeks or even months. The second stage is upon an arrival and it´s more of adjusting the desing to the work area and place some marks for the next process of the production. This stage takes usually 1 or 2 days before starting the painting.

You travel a lot because of Your work. Is it hard for You or You enjoy?

I enjoy it a lot, it becomes a little bit harder just if I travel for many projetcs in a row that don´t support with a fee besides travel expenses, cause you know back home I have bills to pay… ha ha…

How do You deal with all of this Corona situation? Does it affect the work that You are doing?

Well, artistically it affects a lot since I work most of the time for festivals and this situation made all of them to get cancelled. But on the bright side, I have lot of time to work on my personal studio work.

When can we see You in Vukovar? 🙂

I am looking forward to go back there sooner or later. 🙂

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