If You saw two young men painting the wall near Elementary school Antun Bauer recently, then You saw main actors of – Great under the stars project!

The 2K’s Artwork team from Vukovar, represented by Ivan Kružljak and Mario Kokorić, professional firemen, painted murals of famous people of Vukovar, and they are Nikola Andrić, Lavoslav Ružička, Antun Bauer, Pavao Pavličić, and our famous athletes Damir Bičanić, Damir Martin and Sandra Paović.

The team has a third member, Andrej Ilić, famous DJ from vukovar, in charge of logistic.

We are glad that Vukovart festival is inspiration to this great crew and we hope that they will participate Vukovart soon. And this project and story proves that Vukovar became city of murals and Open Gallery worth of visit!