This year, Vukovart – art harbour has a new motto – Vukovart goes vertical. On several locations in Borovo, part of Vukovar, facades will be painted by the one of best muralists.

After last year’s  great cooperation was with Planet Street Painting, this year there is a new co organizer – Wave of culture from Croatia. So, we talked about it with its founder Ivor Zidaric.


Hello Ivor! When we speak about Wave of culture, first association is LegendFest. Can You tell us more about this project and was the start of NGO was only connected with LegendFest?

Thaks for asking. LegendFest was maybe most recognizable in Croatian public scene, but before it, I organized KultFest in Rovigno for 7 years. Soon we’ll start again with this brand. Beside those, there are other projects like LegenExpo, LegendArt, LegendIn, LegendArium and others! There are lots of concerts, festivals behind my work. There are also art expos of Croatian artists, guest perforances like Oliviero Toscani, Paul Von Ward etc.  Shortly – Wave of culture 🙂

LegendFest is brand for itself, but You have others projects connected to the myths and legends!

Oooo yeah! LegendIn, LegendExpo, LegendArt, LegendArium… in a row, ha, ha, ha…

In You opinion, does this region have potential for creating interesting content for tourists?

Beside this great project Vukovart, I think that we’ll have more cooperation because this region has enormous potential. We have Vucedol culture, not to mention intangible cultural heritage of this region. There are and people with efforts and when we unite, that will be it.


You work on promotion of visual arts. What are significant projects recently?

That’s right. Last year I organized expos of my own art collections of great artist Ivo Sebalj and Ivo Friscic in Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb, Pakrac, Varaždin, Opatija, Križevci… Thena of one young artist Ivan Listes from Split…  Catalogues, openings, books, PR, marketing…

How Vukovart cooperation started? And what is significance of this project for region?

I heard about Vukovart after our dear friend and artist Filip Mrvelj, with whom I had cooperation earlier. And he is typical example of hardworking, creative and diligent artist. He is now abroad, and I am very happy for him, because he doesn’t have there any free day and he works and learn constantly. Also, I appreciate and our friendship. When he told me about Vukovart, I said Yes immediately. There were no thinking about it. Then I started to talk with the city (Department for culture), the other team members and became even happier. The significance is huge! I speak from the experience that such projects brings pluses to the community on many levels. And we really do have to show so much of that. We are rich, and we make out of ourselves poor people. When we bring back one Filip from abroad, then we can say that we improved ourselves. Because of that he is part of Vukovart 🙂


Do You see some improvements in culture and art here? And in what way the culture significance can be given more?

I see and on the other hand, don’t see. I have 20 years of working experience in that segment and I could speak more about this topic. Also, as graduated sociologist, I could speak after society patterns.

The fact is that there is working on culture here, slowly, but there is some branding of Croatia, wines, food, souvenirs, arts. That is still far from numerous countries around us that didn’t have war like we had. And that story is the same for centuries. But, just because of that, I think that there are no more creative people than here. Our people, and from all Balkans, are talented but almost always accomplish themselves in other countries with better terms. That is the key. Try to improve the conditions. How? I wouldn’t tell because we will pass to politics.

What are the plans for future?

There is so much more that I want to make. I am currently presented in 5 Croatian counties. So, it’s hard for me to answer this question because I need to start with listing. I am always in short with time so I try to infect people around me to take some puzzle pieces and to finally assemble puzzle of Croatia. I recommend to everyone to turn to EU funds and learn to work on such projects that bring us together, that carry friendly spirit and honor profession. Financially are great and are independent from local politics that don’t have impact in wrong directions, which happened often in this region.


Thank You for this constructive conversation! And see You soon in Vukovar, because this year – Vukovart goes vertical!